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Wide application of aluminum plate

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Aluminium Plate is used for heavy-duty applications, often in the aerospace, machinery and transport sectors. It can be machined into shape to skin jumbo jets and spaceship fuel tanks, storage tanks and other industrial containers and because some aluminium alloys get even stronger when they are very cold, it's very good at containing super-chilled substances. Aluminium Plate is also used for the skeletons of railway carriages, ships, military vehicles and security vehicles.

Aluminium Plate is the most widely-used form of the metal. It's used in packaging to make tins. It's great for vehicle bodies, trailers, home appliances and kitchenware, siding and guttering, awnings and rooves, used to make car license plates, small boats, road signs and a great deal more. Aluminium Plate can also be anodised to create a stunning finish in more or less any colour including gold. It can be etched easily to provide a classy matt finish or polished to a beautifully high sheen.

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